This article originally appeared in The Daily Republic on September 3, 2016. Written by Evan Hendershot.

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The search for a place to rent in Mitchell is about to get easier.

Edgerton Place LLC is adding a second apartment complex behind its existing 65-unit facility on South Edgerton Street, this time with studio apartments and two-bedroom, two-bathroom options.

John Clarke, a managing partner with Edgerton Place LLC, said he’s excited about bringing the complex to Mitchell in a location in close proximity to both Dakota Wesleyan University and Mitchell Technical Institute.

“Next year, we’ll have more choices for the people in our community that either want to move to Mitchell or, if they want something a little bit nicer, a little bit newer, we’ll have that there for them at a reasonable price,” Clarke said.

Clarke said the new complex will have 13 studio apartments, an approximately 500-square foot one-room setup with the same appliances as a typical one-bedroom apartment.

“It’s got everything that you need, just in a little bit smaller footprint,” Clarke said.

Clarke said he isn’t aware of any new construction in Mitchell offering the studio apartments, which he said are a big trend in urban areas. And these units will have the lowest cost of the two Edgerton properties, where the starting rate is $655 per month.

The project is expected to be completed next June, and Clarke is ready to bring the smaller style of apartment to Mitchell.

“Something new, something different to appeal to a group of the population,” Clarke said. “Might be a student, might be someone living by themselves that don’t want a lot of room.”

Clarke said the existing complex has been popular, with an annual occupancy average of about 95 percent, and the building sees a lot of leases signed in July, August and September.

Clarke also estimated about 40 percent of the tenants at Edgerton’s fi rst property are students at DWU or MTI.

Along with the studio units, the 72-unit project will also include some apartments with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, another feature that sets the second Edgerton project apart from its predecessor. And, other than the select few two-bathroom apartments, Clarke said the new apartments will be similarly priced to the fi rst property.

“The one-bedroom, one-bath is going to be a very similar price to the other one, it’s just a little bit higher because of the new upgrades in there,” Clarke said.

Some of those upgrades include stainless appliances, granite countertops and the use of key fobs instead of traditional keys. Like the addition of studio apartments, Clarke said the use of key fobs to get into both the building and an individual apartment will set the second Edgerton Place apart from the fi rst.

“You don’t have a key to get in, it’s a great security feature, too,” Clarke said. “You use your fob to get inside the building and you use your fob to get into your apartment. If you don’t bolt your door, it’ll bolt it for you, so I thought that was pretty neat.”

The project is supported in part by two investors with local connections, Clarke and David Boehnen, and the offi cial groundbreaking will begin in September.

Clarke said the new facility will likely take six month to one year to fi ll, but he’s looking forward to the opportunity to improve Mitchell’s housing options with what he called a “substantial” investment.

“People like new properties and the features that come with it,” Clarke said. “So we’re pretty excited about it and we think it will be great for Mitchell.”

The Edgerton project is the second major apartment complex addition announced in 2016.

Earlier this year, Eagle Construction announced a second complex will be added to its Pheasant Ridge Village Apartments location on West 23rd Avenue. The $4 million investment will add three-bedroom apartments to Mitchell, which the developer of the project said are popular in the existing property.

Groundbreaking on the Pheasant Ridge project is expected to take place next spring.