This article originally appeared in the Twin Cities Business Magazine on November 28, 2015. Written by Kevyn Burger.


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The St. Paul Pioneer Press is making real estate news with the move of the newspaper's offices.

Reporting on its transition, the Pioneer Press published a story that said the award-winning newspaper will begin operating from its new headquarters on the seventh floor of the River Park Plaza on Monday.

That building, also home to Comcast's Twin Cities offices, is across the Mississippi River from downtown St. Paul. The newspaper is vacating its longtime offices at 345 Cedar St., where the Pioneer Press has been headquartered since October of 1984.

Pioneer Press columnist Ruben Rosario offered a valedictory farewell to the downtown space, with sentimental memories from a number of his colleagues. Rosario also noted that the newspaper's three Pulitzer Prizes -- journalism's most prestigious award -- were won while the paper was housed at the Cedar St. location.

The building's sale was announced last June.  The 8-story building was purchased by the Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Stencil Group, which has announced plans to develop the downtown space into apartments which should go on the rental market next year.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune’s longtime landmark officers were also recently vacated. The Minneapolisstructure was demolished to make way for the Downtown East development. The newspaper’s staff relocated to three floors of a downtown office building.