This article originally appeared on the on January 3, 2015. Written by Andy Brownell.


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Rochester MN (KROC AM News) – The Rochester City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing Monday evening on a significant development project at the southeast edge of the downtown area.

The City Planning Commission earlier voted to recommend the approval of a conditional use permit for the proposed residential and commercial development that has been named “The Buckeye” because it would be built at the site of the former Buckeye Liquor Store on the southeast corner of the intersection of 3rd avenue and 4th street southeast near the Government Center. The plan calls for a six-story building with 92 apartment units, a little over 2000 square feet of commercial space on the first floor and just over 90 spaces of below grade parking.

The Council will also hold a public hearing on the adoption of an official map of a possible future realignment of the frontage road system on the east side of Highway 52 interchange at 55th street northwest. The map identifies the properties that would need to be acquired for the project.

The adoption of the plan would also bar the construction of any new buildings or structures within the identified right-of-way while the city is preparing to proceed with the project.

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